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Intelligence Security & Electrical Solutions Ltd

Facewatch Accredited Partner

Intelligence Security & Electrical Solutions Ltd are an accredited Facewatch partner the leaders in facial recognition systems in the UK.  

Facewatch is one of the UK’s leading facial recognition companies. Facewatch’s cloud-based facial recognition security system safeguards businesses against crime. Our facial recognition technology sends you instant alerts when subjects of interest enter your business premises.

It is the ONLY shared national facial recognition watchlist. Simple, secure and affordable, we are the premier choice of retail security companies in the UK. Facewatch is proven to stop crime before it happens. It’s time for businesses to self-help, take a stand, and proactively tackle the issue of theft head-on.


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Together Intelligence Security can provide the ultimate CCTV security and protection for your business

Facewatch Crime Prevention

  • Facewatch creates safer working environments, reduces lost revenue and is more affordable than you think!
  • The UK’s leading facial recognition security system
  • A facial recognition security system you can trust
  • The biggest advance in security since the introduction of CCTV
  • Facewatch will reduce crime in your business by at least 35% in the first year

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Facewatch for Retail Security

Using facial recognition for retail security will help you tackle crime in your store. Did you know one in every 20 employees are either verbally or violently abused daily in retail stores throughout the UK? Theft in retail eats into your profit margins and potentially puts your employees and customers at risk.

A continued reduction in police resources combined with an inconsistent approach across UK forces has resulted in significant under-reporting of theft in retail playing directly into the criminal’s hands.

Businesses can now take a stand and proactively tackle the issue of theft head-on by employing facial recognition in supermarkets, small stores and other retail outlets. Facewatch’s facial recognition for retail is proven to reduce theft in your business by at least 35% in the first year. It’s time to self-help!